What’s Best for You?

brooksandsons · February 25, 2019 · Uncategorized · 0 comments

Afternoon Gentlemen, Brooks here again. Today, I pose you a question.

What’s, best for you?

In choosing a fabric for a custom made suit you have the option of selecting more season specific fabrics. For example, in the summer a lightweight worsted wool in the 8 to 9 ounce per yard category will serve you well as it breathes and resists wrinkling.

Fabric weight is more important than color in hot weather. In cooler weather choose goods in the “S” or Super Range of 120. Higher numbers indicate finer fabrics which means warmer fabrics and not necessarily the best all around option for your suit. Ask your tailer to help you select which is best for you.

Alright Gentlemen, that’s it for now. Remember, if you have any questions or aren’t too sure about what you’re doing, just give us a call and we’d be glad to help you out.


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