Satisfied Customers
  • I received my custom made shirts today in the mail and I love them!! They all fit perfectly and I love the fabrics we picked out. I wanted to thank you again & let you know your shirts will be worn on the floor of the "Kansas House of Representatives".
  • I stumbled into Brooks and Sons when I began my professional career to get a more professional look. The buy 3 get 1 free store couldn't fit me and gave me the "this suit is close enough" attitude just to try and make a sale. I'm glad I turned them down and opted to take the time to do it right because not only did I end up with a garment that fit correctly but I can honestly say I've received more compliments from clients and closed many deals because of the professional edge a custom suit has provided. I have since purchased many custom shirts and a few more suits and couldn't be happier.
  • I met Mr. Brooks a little more than a year ago and from the beginning he's had my trust. I believe this man truly loves his line of work and has guided me into the world of fashion. His impeccable taste for high fashion has driven me to broaden my horizons and thanks to Mr. Brooks I can confidently walk into any room wearing a suit he's designed especially for me, and turn heads. You may just think it's a suit but I can guarantee you that once you have one on, you'll want another.
  • I have purchased several custom made suits and shirts from Brooks and Sons and have been very pleased with them.
  • I have many suits, slacks, and shirts tailored by Mr. Brooks. Each garment has a superb, tailored fit, and a distinguished look. I have recieved many compliments. Mr. Brooks is always congenial and the service is outstanding.