Custom Tailored

A Brooks & Sons Bespoke suit will enhance your image and project an individual who pays attention to detail.  It is the ultimate tailoring experience. Brooks & Son's offers an array of lapels, buttons, linings, and pocket placements which guarantees a one of a kind garment that will have you walking tall.

The process begins with a consultation where the client's wants and needs are discussed.  We then carefully help you handpick the best color and pattern swatches.  From the classic charcoal grey to something a little more unique, Brooks & Sons offers hundreds of selections to ensure you will find something that is truly yours.

Precise measurements are then made which makes your suit fit like a glove. Once the material is hand-cut and carefully crafted a final measurement and tailoring will have you the best dressed gentleman in any room.

Whether you're a professional, hard to fit individual, or just someone who appreciates years of experience, knowledge, and skill; Brooks & Sons is waiting to make your next garment one that will leave an impression.